Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to be the perfect homemaker

I have been called a "retro housewife" for quite some time now. I am sure that there are many reasons my style of homemaking is considered "retro". Personally, I have found pride in it.

I can not drive, I have epilepsy, so I am in my house most everyday. For anyone to be inside their home for a long period of time it is necessary to keep life interesting. One thing I like to do is get dressed up. I found that fixing myself up, even though I am alone, puts a spring in my step. For years I was a hair-dresser and I love to challenge myself in that area so I also will do many different styles. No one will see me, I can do whatever I chose!

Yesterday I was doing a search on my computer for new hairstyles, I wanted an old Elizabeth Taylor look. Many "how to" videos will often come up on YouTube. While doing this search I came across a video, a housewife video.

This video was a complete put-down to housewives. It portrayed us as stupid and useless, servants to our husbands. At first my feelings were a bit hurt, then I read the comments others had left about this video. I was shocked. People were either angry about women working and leaving their families or the video was getting a "right on!" There was nothing in the middle.

Yes, I do get up before everyone else, cook them a hot breakfast, get their clothes out and make sure they are all out the door with a pleasant "Good-bye! I love you! Have a great day!", all before I even take a sip of coffee for myself.

I also do prefer to make my kids beds and have the house straitened before they get home from school.

Most of all, I do not mind at all making sure all homework is finished, house is re-straitened, looking a bit more presentable and having dinner on the table for when my husband walks in the door. I also serve the food to them and sit down last.

Doing these things does not make me a servant or a second rate citizen. I think of this house as my office. It is my job to take care of this family and I take pride in doing that job to the best of my ability. My husband does his job during the day and comes home and does whatever is needed here. My job is not just to take care of my kids but to take care of him as well, I am not his servant, he is not mine.

When my husband comes home to a clean house, he is thankful. I know that if I do get dressed up, not only will my day be more fun but when my husband gets home, I get to hear about how beautiful I am. Every night at dinner at least one of the three guys I have at my table makes some sort of comment that makes me want to never stop cooking, "Mom, you are the best cook ever!".

On top of being able to take pride in taking care of my family, I have learned quite a bit. I know that a brilliant business woman who never had kids could teach me more than I could ever learn. I love those women, they are to be looked up to. On the other hand, I could teach her the same amount. We are all working women, we just have different skills. Why must we keep putting each other down?

I am a woman, a woman who doesn't get dressed up just to please my husband but because it's FUN FOR ME. I am a woman, a woman who serves my family dinner, not because I have to but because I feel that I cooked a good meal and want to show off. I am a woman and I am proud of what I do and of other women and what they do as well.

What am I doing today? Today is Saturday, just like with any other job, I am "off". My family knows this and they comply. My husband and boys will be doing some small chores - I will not.
I love the weekend! Who doesn't?


  1. I am a stay at home mom striving to be a great homemaker. I love your attitude and I agree.

  2. m going to get married soon and you inspired me..thx.(:

  3. Well said - very inspiring to those of us who love our husbands and families.

  4. Love this! Thank you!

  5. I have just had my first child, I strive to be a great homemaker and hopefully I will get there one day, sadly I will have to return to work at the end of February but until then I will be working hard to provide a wonderful home and support system for my family and even when I return to work I will not push my family and house to the side, my work will come second to my families needs xxx